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7 Keys to 21st Century Leadership

As the old psychological contract between individual and organization continues to unravel, many of us are trying to figure out how to lead, provide motivational environments and plan for the future in this uncharted and “permanent white water” work environment.

Being a 21st Century Leader requires new behaviors and new learnings. I will identify some of these new leadership skills in this paper. The leader’s ability to learn how to learn, along with his/her values, self-insight and helping skills are the foundation of productive “new world” organizations.

Following are 7 Keys to 21st Century Leadership.

  1. Learn how to facilitate transitions…constant rapidly changing transitions. Know the difference between change and transition, know the 3 phases of transition. Know specific intervention skills for each phase. The primary leadership task for the 21st Century is harnessing the human spirit to help customers.
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Balancing Life’s Choices

You are scrubbing for the next procedure when your pager goes off. It is the day care center letting you know your son is sick and needs to be picked up. Next, your boss stops by to say your committee meeting has been changed to 4 PM–the same time as your daughter’s soccer game. Meanwhile, you are thinking about where your ATM card could possibly be and where you will find the cash to go out for lunch. No need to worry if you cannot eat out–you can wait until tonight’s dinner plans with friends. Unfortunately, you do not really like these friends much, but you feel obligated to go because they made a nice contribution to your church’s annual silent auction.

Reaching the breaking point.

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