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Empowering Behavioral Changes to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Leadership, Team and Organizational Development Consulting

As a certified Change and Transition Management Consultant, Donna Strickland is also accredited in the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI). She is adept at helping leaders and organizations to develop their executive teams, manage deep change, build bench strength in the leadership team and simultaneously create exit strategies through succession planning.

This is the supreme time for organizations to take the ultimate stand to become authentic. For in that authenticity lies transformation and an unflagging connection to your own true north. In this way your organization gains unprecedented momentum and the power to be truly great. This is the quest. This is the Holy Grail-to illuminate the path of transformation and not waver from it. Our highest aspirations will spring to life only by undertaking the hero’s quest.

Certified Consultant, Donna Strickland, Specializes in:

Leadership Conundrums

Donna utilizes expert diagnostic skills, needs assessments and the facilitation skills necessary to identify and resolve organizational performance issues, presenting cost-effective solutions. She proactively identifies strategic gaps or opportunities in various departments of the organization, and proposes a consulting plan to identify and address root causes.

Organization Design

Donna can ensure your organization design is driven by strategy and aligned with the desired business and operating models, resulting in increased efficiency, accountable team leaders and managers and a team performing at their optimum level.

She designs Training Programs for high potentials, overseeing programs for succession planning. Donna is skilled in directing and managing the design of programs and processes that focus on leadership development, strategic talent management, and growth/effectiveness of project teams across the organization.

Leadership Development (all levels)

Discover how to understand others in order to develop trust and achieve success, compete with fast-growing companies in other countries, develop emotional intelligence and empower and motivate others through strong leadership.

Building Effective Organizations

Ensure that your core operating principles, organizational structure, culture and job accountabilities are fully aligned to your strategy and that they deliver improvements in performance. Donna directs and manages the design, development, and delivery of leadership development and transformation, performance management practices, leadership succession and growth, and organizational development.

Team Development

Donna consults and coaches for increased productivity, increased efficiencies, employee engagement and team cohesiveness. She specializes in helping to resolve old standing grudges, resentments and angst that is interfering with the team’s ability to move forward.

Employee Engagement

Donna can help you transform unmotivated employees, as well as turn the enthusiasm of motivated employees into action. These have a quantifiable impact, lowering staff turnover and raising levels of employee performance. She specializes in employee engagement surveys, translating data into programs supporting employee engagement.

Change Management

Discover how to understand the impact of your corporate culture on change efforts, assess and improve your organization’s resilience to change, create an environment for successful change and plan for and help implement a successful change process.

Culture Transformation

Donna takes senior leadership’s vision, combined with key strategic objectives, to help create a company culture that supports those critical issues. She helps define and create a culture that aligns employee behaviors to business goals, building excitement around the new culture.

About Donna

Leadership, Team and Organizational Development Consultant

Donna StricklandSince 1990, Donna Strickland has been assisting organizations improve productivity and performance through leadership and team development. Donna is a certified Change and Transition Management Consultant and the first Registered Nurse in the world to become accredited in Goleman’s 360 Emotional Competency Inventory. She works as a Team and Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach for health care and industry.

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To discuss the specific needs of you, your team or your organization, please contact Donna directly at (303) 808-4880.